Working Group 3

Working Group 3

Trade Facilitation (chaired by Thailand)

The three ASEAN framework agreements on multimodal transport, goods in transit and interstate transportation would not be implemented smoothly if the customs in member countries are not unified. Hence AFFA requrested to TFWG (Trade Facilitation Working Group) about this and received its agreement.
Following that, TFWG has successfully set up a joint meeting with Custom Working Group.

The current status of ratification and acceptance of ASEAN framework agreement on multimodal transport (AFAMT) includes only Philippines and Thailand, which means Phillippines people can come to Thailand to operate multimodal transport and vice versa. The issues that TFWG has highlighted to the Forum of Concept paper for the ASEAN Custom Transit System are:

  • status of service provider for crossing border,
  • harmonized tariff,
  • single administration of custom documents,
  • full computerized from origin to destination,
  • simplified custom procedure,
  • single currency from origin to destination,
  • insurance from origin to destination,
  • use of IFID technology to track cross-border transportation with GPS and GPRS,
  • free movement of goods and trucks including drivers as well as additional requirements of the vehicle requirements and standards and polution control.

These inputs has been given to the Custom Working Group and they’re now studying them. Another topic that TFWG raised to the Forum is the establishment of ICD (Inland Container Depot) which can be located near the border to facilitate distribution of goods in each respective country. At this moment, according to goods in transit agreement (country A go to country C and we are country B), there are only 60 trucks granting but for interstate agreement (country A to country B) there are 500 trucks, so there is a gap. But finally ASEAN would have to follow CBTA standard of 500 trucks.

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