Cambodia, Thailand sign cross border agreement.

Cambodia, Thailand sign cross border agreement.

On 17 September 2009 Cambodia and Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding on the exchange of traffic rights in an effort to boost trade and tourism links between the two countries. The agreement which was signed by Cambodia’s Minister of Transport, Tram Iv Tek and Virachai Virameetikul, a minister attached to the Thai Prime Ministers office, will allow a daily quota of trucks to cross the border without having to unload cargo and re-load to a second truck on the other side of the border. The initial quota for this agreement is 40 trucks from each country but it is expected to be raised progressively.

The memorandum is part of efforts on the Cross Border Transport Agreement (CBTA) which was signed by the member countries of the GMS (Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam) in 1999.

Under a similar agreement with Vietnam a quota of 150 vehicles from each side is allowed to pass across the Cambodia-Vietnam border at Bavet unrestricted.

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